Perimeter Solutions fosters a culture and commitment to innovation across our organization – from the product R&D we conduct to the ways in which we partner and operate with our customers. We realize that continuing innovation is necessary to providing value in a constantly changing world.

Developing the next solution for the fire safety community

For over 60 years, the people of Perimeter Solutions have been working alongside fire safety agencies and the men and women who make sacrifices to protect all of us. Our entire business is organized to make that effort safer and more effective.

As a company built on the premise of superior technology with the establishment of PHOS‑CHEK® in 1963, the history of fire retardant progress is synonymous with the history of PHOS‑CHEK technology development. Our people have made major contributions in the areas of efficacy, deployability, visibility, anti-corrosion properties and environmental footprint. We work closely with our customers – in laboratories and in the field – to understand needs and develop the next generation of technology.

Perimeter Solutions is home to the world’s first fluorine-free fire suppressant foam concentrates – SOLBERG® RE‑HEALING™.  This technology has been in use in a broad range of applications for decades. As the world moves rapidly toward fluorine-free technology, Perimeter Solutions continues to lead in the development of new fluorine-free foam concentrates that are tailored to the requirements of specific applications and make conversion easy.