Retardant Equipment Systems

Fixed and Mobile Retardant Bases

PHOS-CHEK® Fixed and Mobile Retardant bases are used to support forward attack operations using all aerial platforms. Units are designed to support large-scale helicopter, airtanker, and VLAT operations, as well as smaller-scale SEAT deployments. Our LC Trailer (LCT) is available to provide mobile retardant storage in support of SEAT or helicopter operations at remote tanker bases.

All PHOS-CHEK personnel are fully trained and fire ground certified.

For more information, please see our Airbase and Mobile Services Guide.

Ground Application Units

Perimeter Solutions’ custom designed PHOS-CHEK® Ground Applied units are designed for the accurate placement of retardant or gel from the ground. Ground applied operations can be done 24 hours a day. In adverse weather conditions, when airtankers cannot fly, or in the event airtankers aren’t available, a PHOS-CHEK Ground Applied unit can deploy retardant for fire line construction, burnout operations, and community protection.

All PHOS-CHEK personnel are fully trained and fire ground certified.

For more information, please see our Airbase and Mobile Services Guide or our Ground Applied Fire Retardant brochure.

Retardant Mixing Systems

Perimeter Solutions offers a complete line of mixing systems for all PHOS-CHEK® products. Systems range from small-scale hopper mixer systems designed to use 50-pound pails of powder, to large-scale eductor, batch mixer and liquid blender systems. Systems can be customized for your particular need. In addition, the unique PC CODE system can provide mixing and spraying capability for three products in a single unit. Fire fighters can deploy retardant, foam and gel, all with the flip of a switch, with no cross contamination.

Code Multi-Chemical Systems

Today’s firefighter encounters complex situations that call for a variety of tools. Perimeter Solutions is the innovator of the PHOS-CHEK® CODE (Combined On Demand Equipment) mobile multi-channel chemical system. It’s the first system of its kind providing the user with on-demand, multi-chemical capability. Firefighters can now select long-term fire retardant, Class A foam, Class B foam or gel, at the flick of a switch, with minimal lag time or contamination. The modular “plug-and-play” PHOS-CHEK CODE has been specially designed for use in both fire suppression and fire prevention applications for a wide range of end-use customers, including wildland, municipal and industrial. PHOS-CHEK CODE allows the user to deploy most types of PHOS-CHEK fire retardant, foam or gel Products “on demand” simply, easily and accurately. With the flexibility of a PHOS-CHEK CODE there is no need to batch mix one product at a time. Each product is metered at a specific optimum mixed ratio.

A firefighter can move from structure protection to attacking hot-spots to building fire line instantly. The CODE system can be custom fit with a variety of tank sizes to suit your particular needs and application.

CODE Combined On Demand Equipment Brochure

Rapid Response Vehicles

To help firefighters take the fight to the fire, Perimeter Solutions has developed a purpose-built, all-terrain mobile unit with the power to fight fires in the toughest of all environments — the PC AVENGER™ The PC AVENGER combines high technology, power, and state-of-the-art PHOS-CHEK® multi-chemical support platform that enables firefighters to aggressively and effectively handle a wide range of fire, rescue and emergency situations.

Compact in size and lightweight, the PC AVENGER can operate in environments unsuited for large, heavier and less maneuverable vehicles, such as remote areas accessed through rough terrain or high-density urban-interface areas and industrial sites. The PC AVENGER is custom fit with a variety of multi-chemical agent platforms to fit different needs and applications, deploying most types of PHOS-CHEK products on-demand—simply, easily, accurately. Firefighters can deploy long-term fire retardant, Class A or B foam, or water enhancing gels at the flip of a switch with minimal lag or contamination.  

Effective on a wide range of Class A and B fires, its multi-chemical platform is designed for use on many types of wildland, municipal and industrial fires. With the ability to operate firefighting equipment remotely from within the driver’s compartment, the PC AVENGER allows maximum firefighting effectiveness with a minimum crew. As with all Perimeter Solutions equipment, the PC AVENGER comes with a comprehensive training, technical support and service package.

PC Avenger Brochure

Fabricated Retardant Equipment Solutions

Perimeter Solutions is a leading fabricator of chemical equipment, structural steel and specialty metal products. As a supplier of industrial and commercial tanks and other fabricated equipment to virtually every fire market, Perimeter Solutions produces emergency response trucks and other firefighting systems for fire management.

Perimeter Solutions offers equipment design and fabricating services backed by decades of experience, featuring some of the top people in the industry. We can engineer new concepts or designs based on your provided drawings.

AWS and Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO) certified, our welders’ craftsmanship is unparalleled. Our mechanical designers work collaboratively with our customers and internal teams to ensure Perimeter Solutions products and systems perform to their desired purpose. We also utilize the most current design software technologies available including SOLIDWORKS®.

For more information, see our Fabricated Equipment Solutions brochure.