Fuel Gelling Agents

PHOS-CHEK® FLASH 21 Gelling Agent

Ground and Heli-torches require gelled fuel. PHOS-CHEK® FLASH 21 is a two-part liquid fuel gelling agent that reliably provides high quality gel, very quickly. Fuel thickened with PHOS-CHEK FLASH 21 achieves ideal viscosity with no settling. PHOS-CHEK FLASH 21 can be mixed with various fuels including straight gasoline, diesel, Jet A or Jet B if available. Using Jet A alone will produce a good gel but because of the low flash point of this type of fuel, adding 20-30% straight gas will produce a better ignition point.

PHOS-CHEK FLASH 21 was developed to allow mixing with fuel regardless of temperature, ensuring a consistent gelled fuel mixture. Fuel treated with PHOS-CHEK FLASH 21 will not lose viscosity, allowing use during an entire burning operation.

Research has also shown improved gelling and ignition results using PHOS-CHEK FLASH 21 under cold-weather conditions when compared to other fuel gelling agents available in today’s market. On the opposite end of the temperature scale: high temperatures also appear to have no adverse effect on Flash 21 performance.

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