Laboratory & Testing

Perimeter Solutions provides lab services to analyze the possible degradation on foam concentrates. We can provide our recommendations either on our own foams and on external samples. The analysis of foams includes the traditional verifications in the laboratory as well as the necessary fire tests to establish the exact efficiency of each product.

We can put our  extensive experience in the sector at the disposal of our customers, advising them on the application conditions, product selection for each individual applicationdepending on the type of installation, fuel, extinguishing system, rules and regulations.

Perimeter Solutions has the necessary resources, both human and technical, to test the correct operation of the facilities of its customers that are protected with foam extinguishing systems. In our facilities we maintain comprehensive fire testing facilities in which we can simulate fire tests according to any international standard. Our premises are available for end users and engineering companies when they have restrictions in their own facilities/countries to test some specific layouts or applications.