Perimeter Solutions is today’s innovation and market leader in the development and implementation of effective, new fluorine-free firefighting foam technology, serving a multitude ofcustomers worldwide. 

We developed the world’s first low-expansion, fluorine-free foam concentrate product line – SOLBERG® RE‑HEALING™. This technology has been in use in a broad range of applications for more than two decades. With R&D teams on two continents, we are developing the next generation of high-performing fluorine-free Class B firefighting foams with new products introduced on a regular basis. Today, as many companies are working on their first- or second-generation fluorine-free foam products, Perimeter Solutions is developing fourth generation products.

The Perimeter Solutions fluorine-free line includes foam concentrate variants for both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires, training foam, specialty foams, and a complete line of Class A foam concentrates.  It includes products with certifications and approvals for commonly used systems and discharge devices.

Perimeter Solutions supplies more than just technology and products. We provide complete fluorine-free solutions in addition to our products, these include:

  • Fixed, semi-fixed, and mobile hardware systems
  • Conversion expertise & training
  • Fast, reliable customer service
  • Logistics support

As the world moves rapidly toward fluorine-free technology, Perimeter Solutions continues to lead in the development of new fluorine-free foam concentrates that are tailored to the requirements of specific applications and make conversion easy.

 Perimeter Solutions Fluorine-Free Firsts

  • First low-expansion, fluorine-free foam in 2000
    • Developed by Ted Schaefer
  • First UL-listed fluorine-free foam for sprinkler applications
  • First UL-listed fluorine-free foam for sprinkler applications on both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuels
  • One of the first organizations to submit a synthetic fluorine-free foam concentrate to the Military for addition to the MIL-SPEC Qualified Products List testing (in process).