The SOLBERG® XGARD™ range of products are fluorine-free foam additives designed for use in portable fire extinguishers. They do not contain any organohalogenated compounds. These additives make liquid extinguishers far more effective than plain water in addressing Class A, B fire situations.

The SOLBERG® XGARD™ range of products is available with dilution rates from 1% to 3%. They can be used in premix (portable extinguishers), and they can also be used with low expansion foam equipment (nozzles, monitors, foam chambers, etc.) or proportioned with standard equipment (in-line inductors, balanced pressure systems, etc.).


These products achieve a very quick knock-down of fires on spray applications and exhibit an excellent burnback resistance. A 9l hand extinguisher loaded with the solution at appropriate concentration of SOLBERG XGARD easily extinguishes the 233B test (7 m2) and 21A class A fire according to EN 3 for portable fire extinguishers. The performance of the product depends on the characteristics of the equipment used (pressure, nozzle, etc.), thus its efficiency should be evaluated with the same fire extinguisher that will be used. SOLBERG XGARD foam concentrates and corresponding solutions are classified as readily biodegradable. They are non-acute hazardous to the aquatic environment and are not oral toxic to mammal organisms.

Available Options:
Package Size
20 or 25L PE prismatic containers, 200 L PE drums, 1000 L IBC containers

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