SOLBERG® RE-HEALING 3×3 FLUORINE-FREE SP-100 foam concentrate is the industry’s first UL-listed fluorine-free 3×3 foam concentrate with the full complement of hardware and sprinkler listings, including non-aspirated, standard sprinkler heads. It contains innovative technology that is not persistent, contains no silicone/siloxane chemistries, and contains no intentionally added PFAS chemicals. SOLBERG RE-HEALING 3×3 FLUORINE-FREE SP-100 is designed for extinguishing and securing both Class B (hydrocarbon fuel and polar solvent fuel) and deep-seated Class A fires. This fluorine-free foam concentrate is a combination of proprietary hydrocarbon surfactants and additives delivering excellent foaming, vapor sealing, and stability properties for attacking and securing both shallow and fuel in-depth fires.

SOLBERG RE-HEALING 3×3 FLUORINE-FREE SP-100 is specifically designed for sprinkler applications to extinguish and secure Class B (hydrocarbon fuel and polar solvent) fuels. This technology allows it to be used successfully through both standard and air-aspirated sprinkler heads on both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires.

SOLBERG RE-HEALING 3×3 FLUORINE-FREE SP-100 can also be used with low expansion discharge devices including a variety of nozzles and monitors. It is fully compatible and easily proportioned with standard firefighting equipment, including in-line inductors, self-inducting nozzles, fire truck pumps, bladder tanks, pump skids, balanced pressure systems and more.

CERTIFICATIONS: UL 162 (see Technical Data Sheet for equipment listings)

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5 Gal Pail, 55 Gal Drum, 265 Gal Tote, Bulk

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