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Flammable and combustible liquids (Class B Fuels) require foams designed for rapid extinguishment and a secure foam blanket to prevent reignition. It is important that the foam blanket has good burn back resistance to minimize the spread of the fire from areas where the blanket has been compromised. Foam blanket integrity is often compromised by falling debris or firefighter movement and the subsequent dragging of fire hose and or equipment through the foam blanket.

In the past fifteen years governments around the globe have continued to pass legislation that bans or restricts the use of Per or Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) containing foams (AFFF). Perimeter Solutions has been developing, marketing, and selling fluorine-free alternatives for the past twenty years and we offer one of the world’s broadest and most technologically advanced portfolios of Class B firefighting foam concentrates – Fluorine-Free and AFFF type foams. Our fluorine-free line includes foams concentrates for hydrocarbon fuels, alcohol resistant concentrates for polar solvent fuel fires, training foam, specialty foams, and a complete line of Class A foam concentrates. Our fluorine-free foams contain raw materials that do not contain any intentionally added persistent chemicals like PFAS substances, including PFOS or PFOA siloxanes.

Fluorine-free foam seal the surface of fuel suppressing vapor release and separating the fuel and air to extinguish the fire. Alcohol Type Concentrates (ATC) are specifically designed with additives that prevent the polar solvent from drawing water from the foam bubbles and destroying the blanket. Perimeter Solutions fluorine-free foams come in a variety of mix rates (1%, 3% or 6%), viscosities, and freeze points.

Perimeter Solutions also manufactures aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) and alcohol-resistant AFFF (AR-AFFF). Perimeter Solutions AFFF and AR-AFFF come in a variety of formulations with varying mix rates (1%, 3% or 6%), viscosities, and freeze points.

Selecting the proper product for your application is essential. Class B firefighting foams are typically used in chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries, oil and gas storage facilities, flammable liquid storage facilities, airports, and anywhere flammable liquids are stored or used.

The chart below can help you gain information on Perimeter Solutions complete line of Class B firefighting foams.

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Fluorine-Free Class B Foam
SFFF 1% – Hydrocarbon Fuels [UL, ULC, EN]
Multi-purpose 3x3 Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate
Multi-Purpose 3x3 Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate
Multi-Purpose 3x3 Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate - Freeze Protected
Multi-Purpose 1x3 Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate
Premium 1% [EN]
Premium 3% [UL, ULC, FM, EN, ICAO]
Premium 3x6% [EN, ICAO]
Premium 3x3 ATC [EN, IMO, LASTFIRE]
Premium 3x6 ATC [EN, IMO, LASTFIRE]
Low Viscosity, Fluorine-Free Foam, 0.5% [EN]
Low Viscosity, Fluorine-Free Foam, 0.5% [EN]
Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate, 3% [EN]
Foam Concentrate [EN, LASTFIRE, UL]
Foam Concentrate [EN]
Foam Concentrate
Foam Concentrate [EN]
Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate
[MIL-PRF-32725 (I1), ICAO B]
Fluorine-Free Foam Concentrate [ICAO]
AR Multi-Expansion Foam

Perimeter Solutions offers one of the broadest ranges of Class B foams on the market, with a standard portfolio that fits most applications. At the same time, we also offer products that are designed to meet very specific regulatory and applications needs. These include:

  • Freeze protected options
  • Specialty viscosities: Standard, Newtonian, Pseudoplastic
  • Special certification versions
  • Novel chemistries & custom designed foam concentrates

If you are interested in specific products or features, contact your Perimeter Solutions representative.