Class A Foam

Class A Foam is specially formulated to make water more effective for firefighting. The surfactants in Class A foam significantly reduce water’s surface tension and, when mixed with air, create a superior foam blanket that surrounds fuels with a thick layer of water. This creates a barrier between the fuel and the fire, knocking down the fire faster than water alone, and allowing fire fighters to see the areas of application. Making the water more effective reduces the amount of water needed to extinguish the fire, reduces water damage and increases fire fighter safety through quicker knockdown and reduced mop-up/overhaul requirements.

Perimeter Solutions offers a portfolio of Class A Foam products designed for both municipal/industrial and wildfire applications. that can suit virtually any Class A application.

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High Performance Class A Foam Concentrate
Cold-Water High-Performance Foam Concentrate
Economy Class A Foam Concentrate
Economy Class A Foam Concentrate

Class A Foam Benefits: