Colville Tribes Partner with Perimeter Solutions on Long-Term Fire Retardant to Protect Low Income Housing Complex

Application of the advanced PHOS-CHEK® FORTIFY® fire-retardant will protect the land from wildfire until a significant rain event occurs

Clayton, MO 14 Sept. 2022 – Perimeter Solutions (NYSE: PRM), a leading global manufacturer of high-quality firefighting products and lubricant additives, announced today that it is working with the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation to protect a low income housing complex from wildfire. Perimeter Solutions is treating the land with PHOS-CHEK® FORTIFY® long-term fire retardant, a ground-based, highly durable fire retardant that is applied on flammable vegetation and cellulosic material one time early in the fire season before a wildfire approaches to provide ongoing protection that remains effective until a significant rain event occurs.

The Colville Reservation covers almost 1.4 million acres. Nearly two-thirds of that are categorized as Forest. Another third is classified as Open Rangeland and Forest Rangeland. The Tribe depends on the geographical diversity of the area to provide a broad range of cultural, social, and economic benefits to the tribal membership.

“With a recognition of our wildfire history on the Colville Reservation and a focus on innovative options to confront the threat of wildland fire, applying PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY will help this housing development prepare for the 2022 wildfire season” says Cody Desautel, Executive Director for the Colville Tribes. “This trial application of durable, long-term fire retardant will help provide protection to our residents and give our limited fire suppression resources an increased probability of saving homes and keeping our communities and firefighters safe.”

The USDA Forest Service has used PHOS-CHEK long-term fire retardant for nearly 60 years to suppress and prevent the spread of active wildfires. PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY builds on the proven retardant effectiveness of PHOS-CHEK and is designed to not only provide enhanced durability to weathering, but stronger adherence to vegetation. The retardant changes the molecular structure of vegetation and other fuel sources where it is applied, so that they are no longer combustible. Unlike retardant dropped from aircraft, which is colored to help pilots track where the retardant is dropped during active wildfires, PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY is uncolored and precision applied from the ground.

“Our mission at Perimeter Solutions is to help save lives and protect property. As wildfire season continues to grow in length and intensity, it is becoming increasingly important to take a proactive approach to protecting communities from wildfire, and we are proud to support the Colville Tribe with their efforts by providing PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY,” says Jeff Emery, President of Global Fire Safety at Perimeter Solutions.

Tribes and communities can apply for Community Wildfire Defense Grants (CWDG) to cover costs associated with reducing their risk of wildfire through October 7, 2022. The Grants are funded through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and are intended to help those communities within the wildland-urban interface to restore and maintain landscapes, create fire adapted communities, and improve wildfire response. Perimeter Solutions is offering to assist Tribes and communities in drafting and submitting their applications. To learn more, reach out to Chris Grable at Perimeter Solutions at

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