Perimeter Solutions’ PHOS-CHEK® LCE20W, Uncolored Version of its Flagship Long-Term Fire Retardant, Added to USDA Forest Service Qualified Product List

New Ground-Applied Solution Improves Environmental Profile of PHOS-CHEK LC95W Predecessor

Clayton, MO 14 October – Perimeter Solutions, makers of PHOS-CHEK® long-term fire retardant and other high-quality firefighting products, announced today that its ground-based long-term fire retardant PHOS-CHEK LCE20W is now on the USDA Forest Service (USFS) Qualified Products List (QPL).

PHOS-CHEK LCE20W is an uncolored version of Perimeter Solutions flagship long-term fire retardant, PHOS-CHEK LCE20-Fx, which is a red solution dropped from aircraft during active wildfires to prevent their spread. PHOS-CHEK LCE20W is delivered to application sites as a low-viscosity liquid. It is a next generation solution that can be applied on vegetation and other surfaces around vulnerable facilities to protect them from wildfires. An innovative 100% phosphate product, this new formula combines high performance with improved environmental characteristics. This new retardant also improves stability, making it easier to handle and store.

“The introduction of PHOS-CHEK LCE20W demonstrates our continuous efforts to develop solutions that save lives, while improving on the environmental profile of our products,” says Edward Goldberg, CEO of Perimeter Solutions. “Wildfires are growing in intensity and the amount of devastation they cause is increasing exponentially. In the years ahead, we will see fire management organizations becoming more proactive when it comes to wildfire prevention. PHOS-CHEK LCE20W along with PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY® ground-based long-term fire retardant, which was also added to the QPL this month, are two valuable resources that can be used to help stop wildfires before they start.”

Products included on the QPL are approved after a rigorous testing and evaluation period. These include testing to ensure low levels of mammalian and aquatic toxicity, as well as evaluations of impact on human health and the environment. Retardants added to the list are also put through corrosion testing and measured for retardant efficacy. PHOS-CHEK LCE20W has met all the criteria to be listed on the QPL, and it now can be used on federal and most state forest lands in the United States. With the addition of PHOS-CHEK LCE20W and PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY, Perimeter Solutions now has 10 long-term fire retardants on the QPL, more than any other organization.

“Our line of PHOS-CHEK LC95 products were the fire safety industry standard for more almost two decades. With the improvements that we have made to its effectiveness and environmental profile, we believe the PHOS-CHEK LCE20 line, including PHOS-CHEK LCE20W, will be the standard for years to come,” says Melissa Kim, Director of R&D at Perimeter Solutions.

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