Perimeter Solutions Frank Parker Appointed to University Advisory Board

Customer Experience Program Curriculum Appointment Comes from Business Peers

ST. LOUIS, MO – Perimeter Solutions, the global leader in the production of fire retardants, foams, and water enhancing gels, along with a wide range of services for managing wildland, industrial, municipal, and military fires, today announced the appointment of Frank Parker as an Advisory Board Member to the Missouri State University (MSU) Customer Experience Program Curriculum.

Membership on the Board is by invitation only and is based upon a candidates personal and professional accomplishments. The Board is comprised of eight diverse, innovative, and extremely well-connected network of top-flight executives, each serving a one-year renewable term.

Frank Parker

Customer Experience is multi-faceted and relies on the strong relationship’s companies build with their customers. MSU’s Customer Experience Program is an internationally recognized course, with a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare CX professionals to excel in their field.

The field of Customer Experience (CX) is evolving into one of the fastest growing and most in-demand fields in the world. Companies delivering extraordinary Customer Experiences not only survive – they thrive. New Customer Experience departments are popping up everywhere and the job market is exploding. Functions and roles traditionally performed by marketing, sales and operations are shifting toward new, interdisciplinary CX divisions.

Board Members make several contributions to the School. These include preserving and enhancing the reputation and quality of the School through strategic review of MSU’s credit and noncredit offerings to the community, as well as, helping to build MSU’s value to the global business community.

Board Members also offer personal experiences to the faculty and students of the Customer Experience Program curriculum through classroom visits, forums and conferences, input on CX programs; and Promoting the School’s goal of linking industry with academia to help ensure our work is relevant and benefits the business community.

The Customer Experience Program at MSU is a hands-on, multicourse immersion program. Students apply principles and techniques that drive CX innovation. Roll up your sleeves, solve real-world challenges and use practices developed by top companies. CX experts and professional instructors guide participants through each step. During the program, students continuously build toolset and develop their own, personalized Customer Experience Portfolio.

Frank Parker currently serves as Corporate Accounts Sales Manager for the Oil Additive Group. Frank has been with the company for 25 years, going back to Monsanto and has held various operational, technology, marketing and sales management positions. Frank has been a contributor or lead author on twenty technical papers and is included in three patent applications and currently has three other mechanical patents pending. Previously, Frank served as Co-Chair of the Liquid Chemicals division for the Semiconductor industry, as well as, a board member on numerous other Oil Additive and Food application trade/industry organizations.


About Perimeter Solutions Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Perimeter Solutions operates as a leading specialty chemicals business, producing high quality lubricant additives and firefighting chemicals with a broad product offering across fire retardant and fire suppressant foam applications. Perimeter Solutions is the only company with fire retardant products qualified for use by the US Forest Service (USFS). Perimeter Solutions produces major brands known throughout the world like PHOS-CHEK® and FIRE-TROL® retardant, foam and gel products; AUXQUIMIA® and SOLBERG® foam products; and BIOGEMA® extinguishing agents and retardants. More info:

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