Rapid, Targeted Ground Deployment of Fire Retardants

PHOS-CHEK® LC95W and PHOS-CHEK 259-Fx are products of choice for applications requiring a solution that is on the USDA Forest Service Qualified Products List (QPL). They are ideal for rapid deployment ahead of fires and for potential fire events that are scheduled, including prescribed burns Perimeter Solutions offers several grades based on this technology for different application environments.

These ground applied solutions create a fire break by making wildland fuels non-flammable. They work even when dry, so a single application can offer long-term efficacy. They can be applied by fire engine, water tender, or with Perimeter Solutions’ custom Ground Applied equipment.

Advantages of Ground Applied Fire Retardants

  • Uniform coverage ensures maximum effectiveness
  • Can be applied hours, days, weeks and months in advance
  • Application 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including night operations
  • Can be applied when airtankers are not available due to weather conditions or areas of low accessibility
  • Placement – pinpoint accuracy
  • Minimization of business interruption including Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS)

Ideal Applications

  • USDA Forest Service QPL listing required
  • Pretreatment of utility easements and infrastructure
  • Utility rapid response efforts ahead of a fire
  • Around homes and communities with pending wildfire danger
  • Ingress and egress paths ahead of a fire
  • On utility poles with fires approaching
  • Support of prescribed fires and backburn applications being conducted within days or weeks of application
  • Prior to “hot work” that is being performed in high-risk fire areas