SOLBERG TF-1 TRAINING FOAM is a synthetic foam concentrate formulated for training and exhibition purposes. It is designed to simulate the use of 1% conventional pseudoplastic foam concentrates, avoiding the use of fluorosurfactant products. SOLBERG TRAINING FOAM TF-1is formulated with synthetic surfactants, is readily biodegradable, and has exceptionally low environmental impact. It does not contain any fluorochemicals.

SOLBERG TRAINING FOAM TF-1 is a concentrate with extinguishing capability on Class A and B fires, but its burn-back resistance has been reduced, allowing successive tests in the same fire pool.

SOLBERG TRAINING FOAM concentrates are used with standard proportioning equipment and foam devices. SOLBERG TRAINING FOAM TF-1 can be used to train fire fighters and to test, verify and demonstrate foam equipment. It is the ideal product for fire training centers.

Part No. Description Approximate Shipping Weight Approximate Volume
RE-HEALING TF1, 1% Training Foam, 20 litre (5 gallon) pail
21 kg (45 lb)
0.04 m3 (1.25 ft3)
RE-HEALING TF1, 1% Training Foam, 200 litre (55 gallon) drum
224 kg (495 lb)
0.33 m3 (11.83 ft3)
RE-HEALING TF1, 1% Training Foam, 1000 litre (265 gallon) tote
1118 kg (2465 lb)
1.42 m3 (50.05 ft3)
RE-HEALING TF1, 1% Training Foam, bulk
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