Solutions that Save is a fire safety podcast from Perimeter Solutions, a premier global solutions provider producing high-quality firefighting products. Listen as our experts and industry leaders discuss products and innovations that impact critically important life issues – issues where there often is no room for error, and the job doesn’t offer second chances.

Solutions That Save Episode 16

Hilary Franz, the elected Commissioner of Public Lands for the State of Washington has worked with her team to transform Washington into a modern wildland firefighting force. In keeping with this mission, Commissioner Franz is convening the very first Aerial Firefighting Pacific Northwest Wildland Fire Conference, bringing together fire agencies, elected officials and service providers to brainstorm on how to confront the growing crisis of wildland fire severity driven by climate change. In this episode of Solutions That Save, Commissioner Franz discusses this new industry event and the growing threat of wildfire season with Perimeter Solutions Vice Chairman Edward Goldberg.

Solutions That Save Episode 15

Join Perimeter Solutions Vice Chairman Edward Goldberg and President of Global Fire Safety Jeff Emery as they discuss the 60th Anniversary of PHOS-CHEK® long-term fire retardant, how it has evolved along with the fire safety industry to save lives and protect property, and the new PHOS-CHEK 60th Anniversary Museum, which you can tour by visiting

Solutions That Save Episode 14

Following the 2022 mid-term elections, we will have a new group of politicians deciding the fate of legislation that is important to the fire safety industry. In this episode of the Solutions That Save Podcast, Wildfire Government Affairs Specialist Phil Hardy shares his insight on the key legislative issues heading into the elections.


Solutions That Save Episode 13: The Transition to Fluorine-Free Foam

Fluorinated foam has been the workhorse of the fire safety industry for decades, but that’s changing. Craig McDonnell, General Manager of Fire Suppression for the Americas at Perimeter Solutions, spoke with Perimeter’s Chemist and Business Development Lead Mark Siem to get a chemist’s perspective on the technical challenges the industry faces as it transitions to fluorine-free foam.

Solutions That Save Episode 12: The Future of Wildfire Management: Featuring Chief Brian Fennessy

Successful wildfire management doesn’t often make the news: in this episode, Wes Bolsen, Business Director of Wildfire Prevention & Protection at Perimeter Solutions, sits down with Chief Brian Fennessy of the Orange County Fire Authority to discuss his thoughts on the keys to effective wildfire management and celebrate their unsung successes. 


Solutions That Save Episode 11: Why Are Phosphates the Best Choice for Fire Retardants?

The fire safety industry doesn’t offer second chances, so using the best ingredients in fire retardants is essential. In this episode, Perimeter Solutions Director of Research and Development Melissa Kim talks about why phosphates have been the active ingredient in their fire retardants since 1963.


Solutions That Save Episode 10: Long-Term Wildfire Protection: Featuring OP Almaraz

Recent innovations enable PHOS-CHEK FORTIFY to provide long-term protection from wildfire after one application at the beginning of the season. In this episode, Wes Bolsen of Perimeter Solutions sits down with O.P. Almaraz, CEO of Allied Disaster Defense, to talk property protection, the 2022 wildfire season, and more.


Solutions That Save Episode 9: Preparing For the Future of Wildfire Season

With climate change and other factors, wildfires now occur year-round. In this episode, Shannon Horn, Business Director of North America fire retardants at Perimeter Solutions, discusses the impact an uninterrupted fire season has on his team’s preparations, and looks ahead to 2022.

Solutions That Save Episode 8: PHOS-CHEK® Fire Retardant – Protecting Property and Lives Through Continued Innovation​

PHOS-CHEK® fire retardant has been a staple offering of Perimeter Solutions since its release in 1963. In this episode, CEO Edward Goldberg dives into its nearly 60 year history of innovation, its evolution in the face of growing challenges, and why our products are the only retardants fully qualified on the U.S. Forest Service Qualified Products list. 

Solutions That Save Episode 7: The State of Australia's Fire Safety Industry

Perimeter Solutions is a global company, developing fire safety solutions that help firefighters and fire management organizations around the world to protect lives and property. Today, we take a trip down under for an inside look at the Australia and Asia Pacific fire safety industry with James Perriss, General Manager of the Asia Pacific region at Perimeter Solutions.

Solutions That Save Episode 6: New Regulations and Innovations For Class B Foams

The fire management industry has relied on the same class B firefighting foam for nearly 60 years, but new regulations are prompting organizations to transition to new fluorine free technology. In this episode, Craig McDonnell of Perimeter Solutions explains the critical role the company plays in that transition, shares examples of customers who have already made the switch, and talks about what to expect in the coming years.

Solutions That Save Episode 5: Fluorine-Free Firefighting Foam

Perimeter Solutions is helping companies transition to fluorine-free firefighting foam. In this episode, hear from Javier Castro, General Manager for Perimeter Solutions about the development and advantages of fluorine-free foams, and the ways Perimeter Solutions is helping meet the challenges of the transition.

Solutions That Save Episode 4: New Tools for Wildfire Prevention

Recent innovation in long-term fire retardant has made it possible for one application to protect property, and remain effective even after a significant rain event. In this episode, we speak with Director of Wildfire Prevention and Protection at Perimeter Solutions, Wes Bolsen, about how more homeowners and organizations are protecting their property from wildfire. 

Solutions That Save Episode 3: Longer Wildfire Seasons: The Causes and Challenges

Extended drought and record-breaking temperatures have led to a busy 2021 wildfire season in the western United States. In this episode of Solutions That Save, we’re speaking with 30-year veteran of the fire-safety industry Shannon Horn about the factors lengthening fire seasons and the challenges these conditions present.

Solutions that Save Episode 2: Long-Term Fire Retardant History & Innovation

Fire safety leaves no room for error, and doesn’t offer second chances. But how have wildfire prevention methods evolved over the decades, and what components have remained standbys? In this episode of the Solutions That Save Podcast, Perimeter Solutions CEO Edward Goldberg shares with us the history, chemistry, application and innovation that go into fighting and preventing wildfires.  

Solutions that Save Episode 1: Long-Term Fire Retardant History & Innovation

As wildfire seasons make headlines year after year, fire safety has become a concern for more of the population. Join us for the first episode of Solutions That Save featuring Perimeter Solutions CEO Eddie Goldberg to discuss the way fire safety and retardant technology have evolved to meet these growing challenges, along with the story of his own journey within the fire safety industry.​