Solutions that Save is a fire safety podcast from Perimeter Solutions, a premier global solutions provider producing high-quality firefighting products. Listen as our experts and industry leaders discuss products and innovations that impact critically important life issues – issues where there often is no room for error, and the job doesn’t offer second chances.

Solutions That Save Episode 4: New Tools for Wildfire Prevention

Recent innovation in long-term fire retardant has made it possible for one application to protect property, and remain effective even after a significant rain event. In this episode, we speak with Director of Wildfire Prevention and Protection at Perimeter Solutions, Wes Bolsen, about how more homeowners and organizations are protecting their property from wildfire. 

Solutions That Save Episode 3: Longer Wildfire Seasons: The Causes and Challenges

Extended drought and record-breaking temperatures have led to a busy 2021 wildfire season in the western United States. In this episode of Solutions That Save, we’re speaking with 30-year veteran of the fire-safety industry Shannon Horn about the factors lengthening fire seasons and the challenges these conditions present.

Solutions that Save Episode 2: Long-Term Fire Retardant History & Innovation

Fire safety leaves no room for error, and doesn’t offer second chances. But how have wildfire prevention methods evolved over the decades, and what components have remained standbys? In this episode of the Solutions That Save Podcast, Perimeter Solutions CEO Edward Goldberg shares with us the history, chemistry, application and innovation that go into fighting and preventing wildfires.  

Solutions that Save Episode 1: Long-Term Fire Retardant History & Innovation

As wildfire seasons make headlines year after year, fire safety has become a concern for more of the population. Join us for the first episode of Solutions That Save featuring Perimeter Solutions CEO Eddie Goldberg to discuss the way fire safety and retardant technology have evolved to meet these growing challenges, along with the story of his own journey within the fire safety industry.​