The Most Environmentally-Friendly Fire Retardant on the Market

PHOS-CHEK® LCE20-Fx is a next generation fire retardant combining high performance with improved environmental characteristics. PHOS-CHEK LCE20-Fx combines the ease of mixing and handling of a liquid with the aerial drop advantages of a gum-thickened retardant. The elastic nature of the thickener in PHOS-CHEK LCE20-Fx reduces drift and evaporation, while increasing coverage, wrap around, and canopy and ladder fuel penetration, to effectively target ground vegetation. An innovative, 100% phosphate product, PHOS-CHEK LCE20-Fx fire retardant offers improved performance, product safety, and enhanced stability, resulting in easier handling. The new formula reduces overall toxicity and reducing disposal costs. PHOS-CHEK LCE20-Fx is a ultra-high visibility Fugitive (Fx)-colored concentrate. The fugitive color maintains visibility during application, but slowly fades after exposure to sunlight. PHOS-CHEK LCE20-Fx fire retardant is qualified by the USDA Forest Service under the recently updated specification for Long Term Retardant, Wildland Firefighting: 5100-304d (published January 7, 2020), for use in fixed-wing and single-engine air tankers, helicopter buckets, and ground engines. The concentrate is delivered to the application site as a low-viscosity liquid and is stored in concentrate form. During application, it is diluted and mixed with water in-line as it is transferred to the delivery system. Highly effective with aerial application, LCE20-Fx provides ultra-high visibility when dropped; yet is designed to fade with exposure to sunlight once applied.