The world’s best-known fire retardants

The PHOS-CHEK® LC95 series of fire retardants are used for wildland fire control in forest, brush and grassland fuels. Functionally, PHOS-CHEK LC95 series fire retardants react with and alter the thermal decomposition of wildland fuels so that they do not support flaming or glowing combustion. This deprives the fire of fuel, reducing fire intensity and the rate of combustion and flame spread.

PHOS-CHEK LC95 is available in Red Iron Oxide (R), Fugitive (F) and Uncolored (W) forms. The fugitive color maintains visibility during application, but slowly fades after exposure to sunlight.

PHOS-CHEK LC95 fire retardants are liquid concentrates that mix readily with water by recirculation, agitation or PHOS-CHEK proportioning systems. PHOS-CHEK LC95 fire retardants are ammonium polyphosphate retardants that offer both the ease of mixing and handling and the aerial drop advantages of a gum-thickened retardant. These gum-thickened PHOS-CHEK retardants reduce drift and evaporation and increases fuel coverage, wrap around and penetration through canopy and ladder fuels. Recovery can exceed 90%.

PHOS-CHEK LC95A-R and PHOS-CHEK LC95A-Fx are colored to provide effective aerial application. PHOS-CHEK LC95A-R is ideal for use in multi-engine, fixed-wing airtankers and single-engine airtankers. The concentrate is delivered to the mixing location as a low or medium viscosity liquid and is stored in the concentrate form. It is diluted and mixed with water as it is transferred to the delivery system. PHOS-CHEK LC95A-Fx provides ultra-high visibility when dropped and while on the fuels. Both retardants fade after exposure to sunlight.

Uncolored PHOS-CHEK LC95W is ideal for ground application where color is not desired.

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