AUXQUIMIA F-334 is a water-based solution of ammonium polyphosphate. It is used as fire retardant for the protection of solid products. On class A fires, AUXQUIMIA F-334 achieves quick knockdown by modifying the combustion process of the material and preventing reignition.

AUXQUIMIA F-334 has been specially designed for use in portable fire extinguishers, and can also be used with spray nozzles to protect solid surfaces such as paper, wood, coal, etc. AUXQUIMIA F-334 can be used in combination with AFFF agents to improve their class A performance; in that case, it will be necessary to check the stability and performance of final solutions.

Dilution rates for AUXQUIMIA F-334 are 5% – 40% in water, depending on the performance desired. It can be used as a premix by adding the product directly to water (for example in portable extinguishers).

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20 or 25 L PE prismatic containers, 200 L PE cylindrical drums and 1.000 L IBC containers
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