System Tanks

Perimeter Solutions offers a wide variety of System Tanks ranging from vertical to horizontal, standard and pre-piped, atmospheric, and stainless steel, as well as the accessories you’ll need to go with them. You can also count on Perimeter Solutions for your Foam Pump Skid hardware needs.

Perimeter Solutions fixed foam suppression systems are designed to protect single and multiple high-hazard, high-risk applications including but not limited to aircraft hangars, foam-water sprinkler systems, helipads and truck loading racks. Perimeter Solutions fixed foam suppression systems are also compatible with all Perimeter Solutions foam concentrates.

Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Perimeter Solutions Atmospheric Storage Tanks are normally used in conjunction with balanced pressure pump proportioning or inline balanced pressure proportioning skid type systems. The storage tanks itself is manufactured of high-density, cross-linked polyethylene in a vertical configuration. Storage tank assemblies are equipped with a suction connection, return connection, drain / fill connection, and domed top. Perimeter Solutions Atmospheric Foam Concentrate Storage Tanks are available in standard sizes or custom built to your specifications. Sizes range from 100 to 10,000 gallons (18 – 37854 liters).

Bladder Storage Tanks

Perimeter Solutions Bladder Tanks are the main component in a balanced pressure proportioning system, which require no outside power source other than an adequate water supply. The Perimeter Solutions Bladder Tank is a carbon steel pressure vessel with a nylon reinforced neoprene rubber bladder that stores the foam concentrate. During operation, the foam concentrate is discharged from the tank by the water supply, collapsing the bladder around the perforated center tube until the concentrate is depleted. Perimeter Solutions Bladder Tanks are available in standard and pre-piped configurations, vertical and horizontal versions, and are available multiple sizes ranging from 50 to 3300 gallons (189 – 12492 liters).

Replacement Bladders

Perimeter Solutions offers replacement bladders used in Foam Bladder Tank Systems. Our bladder material offers the highest standards in quality, strength, flexibility, and durability.

Foam System Accessory Valves

Perimeter Solutions Swing Check Valves are available for use with most bladder tank foam systems. All valves are of stainless steel or brass construction and have NPT connections with a maximum working pressure of 200 psi (14 bar).

Water Inlet and Concentrate Isolation Control Ball Valves are used with Perimeter Solutions foam systems hardware. Both style valves are of stainless steel construction, RTFE seats, PTFE seals and NPT threaded connections.

The Perimeter Solutions mini Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) is designed to reduce incoming water pressure to a sensible level to protect foam system components. The PRV is constructed with a brass body, stainless steel stem and spring, Buna-N seats and diaphragm.

Hydraulic Concentrate Ball Valves

Perimeter Solutions Hydraulic Concentrate Ball Valves come in standard sizes ranging from 1.0 in to 2.5 in (DN25- DN65) to match the concentrate inlet thread (or flange) size on Perimeter Solutions Proportioners and Inline Balanced Pressure Proportioner (ILBP) assemblies. Each ball valve consists of a factory assembled and tested stainless steel or bronze ball valve, stainless steel hydraulic actuator, and mounting kit attaching the actuator to the ball valve. The actuator has a position indicator for manual reset.